The Lifter Package | Body Solid
The Lifter Package | Body Solid
The Lifter Package | Body Solid
The Lifter Package | Body Solid
The Lifter Package | Body Solid
The Lifter Package | Body Solid

Body Solid

The Lifter Package | Body Solid

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The Lifter Package


  • Extra-heavy duty 2"x 3" high tensile strength steel mainframe with all-4-side welded construction.
  • 14-position gunrack can handle over 1,000 lbs. and gives the user the ability to walk the bar up and down without removing plates.
  • Includes oversized 17" long safeties constructed from 2"x 3" 11-gauge steel.
  • Mainframe uprights are set to a 7° reverse pitch that accommodates the body’s natural lifting path.
  • Features 4 Olympic storage posts that suspend weight plates for quick and easy access while keeping your workout area organized. Ideal for home and commercial use.


  • 2"x3", eleven-gauge steel Independent back pad and seat pad adjustments
  • 1000 pound capacity tested
  • Thick, durable padding
  • Transport wheels for easy movement Back pad adjust flat, incline (15, 30, 45, 60, and 80 degrees), and decline (-18 degrees)
  • The seat pad adjusts flat, 10, and 18 degrees
  • Height to pad –flat position 18”
  • Back Pad tapers 9.5” -12” towards seat pad


  • Includes 10 barbells - weights (20-110 lbs.)
  • Precision knurled for secure grip
  • High-quality precision weighted steel encased in durable rubber
  • 32mm / 1.26” grip diameter

Floor Mat

  • Heavy duty 3/4" commercial grade recycled rubber
  • Two Pieces interlock together
  • Shok-Lok design offers significant reduction in noise and vibration
  • Absolutely non-absorbent
  • Will not harbor or promote bacteria growth
  • Does not curl
  • Beveled edges in order to avoid trip hazards
  • Clean and fresh mitigating agent used to significantly reduce aroma