SnapSafe 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe
SnapSafe 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe
Gun Safes & Rifle Safe Products - SnapSafe 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe
Gun Safes & Rifle Safe Products - SnapSafe 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe

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SnapSafe 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe

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SNAPSAFE 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe

Assemble your own gun safe in minutes

If you want all the security of a standard gun safe but want one that you can assemble yourself in just minutes, the SnapSafe Titan Modular Safe is a fantastic choice. Holding up to 12 long guns, the Titan home fire safe can fit out of sight in your closet, giving your documents, valuables, firearms, and jewelry protection from fire and theft. This modular safe moves piece-by-piece and then locks together in minutes with no tools. The patented SnapSafe Kwik-Lock Modular Assembly System locks together in minutes to give you the strength and integrity of a welded safe with no hassle.

The SnapSafe fire protection features fire sealing gaskets in the door and ceramic fiber blankets in the walls. The SnapSafe Titan Modular Gun Safe offers full one-hour protection against temperatures up to 2300 degrees F. Plus, when heated, its door seal expands up to 20-times to protect against fire, water, and smoke damage.

Assemble your gun safe in minutes with the  SNAPSAFE 75010 Titan Modular Gun Safe!


  • Delivered right to your door
  • Assembles in minutes without additional tools (wrench included)
  • Modular Assembly System
  • Sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant 3/16” solid steel door
  • Thick 9 gauge steel exterior walls
  • 2300°F one-hour Fire Shield protection
  • Heat-activated door fire seals
  • Secures 12+ long guns
  • Nine slot full gun rack
  • SecuRAM™ Lock: UL-listed digital lock with separate EMP-proof mechanical key backup located behind the keypad.
  • Eight 1" chrome steel live locking bolts
  • Spring-loaded relocker
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Lined interior
  • Adjustable lined shelves
  • 1 full shelf and full gun rack and a half gun rack with 2 half shelves
  • Professional-grade "non breach seal" deadbolt door
  • Pre-drilled for floor mounting
  • Lifetime Warranty


    • Exterior: 59.00" H x 22.00" W x 17.50" D (add 3” for handle)
    • Interior: 55.13" H x 17.00" W x 14.50" D
    • Weight: 400 lbs
    • Locking Bolts: 8
    • Capacity: 12+ Long Guns