Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe
Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe
Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe
Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe
Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe
Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe

Rhino Safe

Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox Gun Safe

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  • External Dimensions 66”H x 36”W x 25”D
    Weight 875 lbs
    Cubic Feet 34.4 cu ft
    Burglary Rating UL RSC Rating
    (CA DOJ Compliant)
    Fire Rating 80 Minutes at 1400° F
    Gun Capacity 45 Long Guns
    • UL RSC Listed Residential Security Container Burglary Rating
    • 80 Minutes of Certified Fire Protection at 1400° F
    • UL Rated S&G D-Drive Electronic Lock
      • Mechanical Dial Lock Upgrade Available
    • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Formed Steel Body
    • 12 Gauge Composite Door
    • Extremely Pry-Resistant Door
    • 1.25” in Diameter Steel Locking Bolts
    • Attack Resistant External Hinge System
    • Internal Re-locker
    • Seamless Continuously Welded Body
    • Anti-Tamper Clutch Handle
    • Made in the USA
    • Door Panel Organizer Included
    • Distressed Natural Finish with Touch Clear Coating
    • Metal Wheel Handle
    • Adjustable Leatherette Interior
    • Pre-Installed Electrical Outlet Kit
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Looking for a safe that will impress your friends, look great in your home, and protect all your valuables from burglary and fire?

    With its jaw-dropping "steampunk" design, the Rhino Ironworks RSB6636EX StrongBox gun safe gives a new spin on what a safe's exterior can be. Doubling as an accent piece to your living room, man cave or bedroom, these attractive safes are truly works of art. No two safes are exactly alike and each one is hand antiqued to accentuate the natural grain and variations in the steel.

    But safes can't just be attractive, no we expect them to have some security as well! The seamless, continually welded 12 Gauge body is beefed up with corner reinforcements proving this safe isn't just about design. The composite door is built with 12 gauge steel. Crowbars beware, this safe offers extreme pry resistance and 4 way active 1.25” in diameter door locking bolts.

    Now we get to the good part! The locking mechanism features Rhino's patent pending F-4 Locking System, which features a tamper resistant clutched handle, Rhino Plate Drill Resistant Armor, rivet studded reinforcement plates, and anti-drill, anti-punch boltwork. This patent pending system earned the U.L. Certification as a Residential Security Container (RSC) and meets or exceeds all the specifications for California DOJ gun safe standards.

    When it comes to the interior, the RSB6636EX gun safe can be configured completely with a full gun interior, or it can be split to be shelves and guns. The interior comes with leatherette adjustable interior. Inside you'll find a Power Outlet to plug your laptop, dehumidifier, or other corded electronics active and working inside the safe. On the back of the door, you'll find a deluxe door organizer with pistol pockets, knife pouches, and zip pockets that will allow you to keep your smaller valuables off the shelves.

    A safe is only as good as its lock and Rhino took this to heart by putting a S&G D Drive Electronic Lock on the RSB6636EX. This is an extremely reliable electronic lock with the battery compartment accessible from the outside – that way you’ll never have to worry about the battery dying and not being able to get inside your safe. We also have the option to upgrade the lock to an S&G Mechanical Dial lock (for an additional cost).

    The Rhino RSB6636EX Ironworks Strong Box gun safe is fire rated for 80 minutes at 1400° ensuring your possessions will stay cool, safe and in-tact until the end of the fire.

    Rhino believes in security of the RSB6636EX Strong Box by offering a limited lifetime warranty. Impress your friends, keep your valuables safe, and give yourself the peace of mind you've been searching for with this IRONWORKS RSB6636EX Strong Box Gun Safe.