Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)
Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)
Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)
Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)


Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)

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Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table (SKU301-40)

Performance Meets Style and Luxury

Description: This top-of-the-line table is crafted with an expertly arched steel base and sleek Alubond aluminum paneling for a sleek, sophisticated look. The black tabletop is finished with a scratch-resistant coating, making it perfect for intense games. And the premium Apex net post set ensures that you have everything you need to keep the game going.

Whether you're seeking a challenging opponent or looking to practice your skills, the Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table is sure to provide hours of fun. So bring home this table tennis powerhouse today and let the games begin!

Competition-Level Quality

The table is designed to meet the most rigorous competition standards, so you can rest assured knowing that you're getting tournament-level quality.

The one-inch thick tabletop with ample side skirt provides vigorous bounce, perfect for those heated rallies. And the robust steel base ensures stability during even the most epic matches. The included Apex net post set offers precise tension and height adjustments, while four adjustable feet and four levelers under the tabletop provide precision leveling of the playing surface. So whether you're playing by yourself or with friends, you'll always have a level playing field.

Innovation in Design

The table features a built-in drawer on each end for storage of ping pong paddles and balls, as well as a two-piece design with four drop-down wheeled legs for easy set up and movement. If you're looking for the ultimate in indoor table tennis performance, the Killerspin Revolution SVR Blacksteel Indoor Table is the best in the market!

NEW Fibonacci-Inspired Table Top

Each of our new Revolution Series table tennis tables comes equipped with our new, Fibonacci-inspired table tops. The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio, is one of nature’s most celebrated mathematical principles of beauty. Featuring an "area of artistic expression" along the net, the Revolution Series ping pong tables allow you to customize your table with logos or artwork without affecting play. To create your free custom decal for your one-of-a-kind table tennis table, please contact us at (800) 984-5719

A Revolution in Table Tennis

The Revolution Series was developed over years of dedicated workmanship, precision engineering, and comprehensive prototyping using the best materials available. Designed to deliver impeccable performance, the Revolution Series is the pinnacle of our craft and attention to detail. #UnPlugNPlay with your family, friends, coworkers, and customers by sharing the highest-quality table tennis experience Killerspin has to offer.

*We recommend washing ping pong balls before use to prevent them from marking the tabletop surface.