Raw Thrills Bust-A-Move Frenzy

Raw Thrills

Raw Thrills Bust-A-Move Frenzy

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Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™, the much loved, ORIGINAL bubble-popping game is back in the Arcade!. Officially licensed from Taito, Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™ features ALL NEW 2-player co-op FRENZY play! Team up and bubble up to a new HIGH SCORE with amazing powerups and relentless FRENZY play.

-Fun for everyone “Match 3”-style puzzle gameplay
-Incredible 10 foot (3m) tall LED screen
-2 seated player positions with reliable force-feedback bubble shooters
-Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™ is Arcade-exclusive!
-60,000 LED lights attract players like a magnet!


Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™
Loading Info – [53′-11][53’D-11][40′-7][40’HC-7][20′-3]
Shipping Dimensions
Main cab pallet: 46″x33″x51″, 246lb.
Pedestal pallet: 46″x35″x61″, 208lb.
Display pallet: 48″x43″x71″, 502lb.
Full Assembly Dimensions – 120.0″H x 68″W x 100.0″D (minimum)
Full Assembly Reference Sheet – 136KB
Dimensions for Height Restricted Locations
No Marquee Assembly – 110.0″H x 68″W x 100.0″D (minimum)
No Tube Extensions – 105.0″H x 68″W x 100.0″D (minimum)
No Marquee or Tube Extensions – 95.0″H x 68″W x 100.0″D (minimum)
Height Restricted Reference Sheet – 129KB

Additional Content

Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™ Brochure – 7.98MB
Bust-A-Move® Frenzy™ Manual – 6.54MB
LED Screen Programming Procedure