Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe
Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe
Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe
Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe
Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe
Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe

Mesa Safe

Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe

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Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe

The Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe is a 30 Minute Fire Gun Safe that helps protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire safe. This safe is constructed of all-steel and is specially designed for those who love to hunt, collect firearms as a hobby and to keep your firearms locked up and secured. Keep your weapons such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammunition and other types of weapons securely locked up and prevent any accidents from unauthorized users such as children and others who don't know how to operate a firearm.  This safe will not only keep your guns organized but it will prevent burglary and help to protect your firearms from the hazards of a fire as well.  Although it holds an impressive 24 long guns, it’s smaller width is perfect for keeping the safe hidden from view within a closet.  

The Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe is made of all steel (no plastic) and has 12 gauge steel in the body and the door. There are also six (6) 3/4" diameter chrome plated locking bolts to prevent pry attacks on the door. Along with that is heavy-duty solid steel hinges. The lock and handle are protected by an additional layer of 1/8" steel to prevent drill attacks on the door and lock. It also features a 30 minute fire rating, tested at temperatures up to 1200 degrees F on the outside. There is also a heat activated seal around the door. Mesa Safe also performed a factory test where they dropped the safe 2 stories. This means that if your safe falls two stories into a basement during a fire, the door does not pop open introducing your contents to the heat.  There are two lock options on the MGL24 Gun & Rifle Safe. It comes standard with a digital electronic lock which is protected by a drill resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system. This lock features two user codes and your personal code can be changed at any time. One benefit on this gun safe is that there is a key override system in case the lock fails or you forget your combination.  The other option is a Group II UL listed mechanical dial combination lock for the same price. There are 4 pre-drilled anchor holes to bolt the MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe to the floor. This is highly recommended. There is a limited Lifetime Warranty on this gun safe.

If you want a great safe at a great price The Mesa MGL24C Gun & Rifle Safe has all the best features without the huge price tag.

If you have any questions on the Mesa MGL24C or others, please give one of our experts a call at 800-207-2259.


Body & Door

  • All steel construction.
  • 12 Gauge door & body.
  • Six 3/4" diameter chrome plated solid steel bolts.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel hinges.
  • Lock & handle protected by an additional layer of 1/8" steel.
  • 2 story impact rating, factory tested.
Prop 65 Warning
WARNING: This product may contain
chemicals known to the State of California
to cause cancer, birth defects, or other
reproductive harm.