Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe
Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe
Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe
Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe

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Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe

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Mesa MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe

The Mesa MAWS2113E adjustable wall safe is designed to be hidden behind a picture frame, painting, book shelf or mirror for unseen security protection of documents and valuables. This wall safe is designed for simple and easy installation between 16" on center wall studs.

The adjustable depth on the Mesa MAWS2113E will give you the ability to maximize the usable space for different wall thicknesses. If you need to protect and hide valuables such as important documents, jewelry, certificates, passports and cash, this wall safe might be just the right solution for you. If you need access to the safe at night, or where the lighting is poor or completely dark, there is an interior light which can easily be accessed with a flip of a switch.

Mesa's MAWS2113E wall safe also comes standard with a battery operated electronic lock which provides easy access for users while keeping out the burglars. Your personal code can be changed in a matter of seconds. There is also a lockout penalty feature. This feature is activated when multiple incorrect combinations are entered. The unauthorized user will no longer be able to input a combination until the time limit expires. A mechanical override key can bypass the lock if you happen to forget your combination or the batteries die.

With a solid steel 3/16" thick door, and two 3/4" diameter solid steel locking bolts, the MAWS2113E hidden wall safe provides strength and durability to protect your belongings. The door is recessed and the hinges are concealed, providing smooth operation and access to the safe. The off-white finish is attractive and can easily adapt to the color and decor of your wall.

Please call us today at 800-207-2259 if you have any additional questions about this hidden wall safe.

Standard features:

  • All steel construction: The Mesa MAWS2113E wall safes are made of 100% all steel construction. Unlike the competition, there are no plastic body parts.
  • Expandable back: These safes can be adjusted to fit the wall's depth.
  • Concealed hinges: For added security the hinges are hidden within the safe to prevent door removal in a break-in attempt.
  • Adjustable depth gives you the ability to maximize your usable space when installed in different wall thicknesses. The body can expand on the backside of the wall from 3" to 6" deep for maximum space usage.
  • Expandable shelves included to use with different depths.
  • Battery operated electronic lock.
  • Easily change your personal code in seconds.
  • The keypad will go into a lockout penalty if combinations are entered incorrectly, frustrating the would be burglar
  • Mechanical override keys used to bypass the electronic lock due to dead batteries or lost code
  • Interior light can be accessed easily by a flip of a switch
  • Two Inch diameter solid steel locking bolts
  • Pry resistant 3/16" recessed door with concealed hinges for anti-theft protection
  • Durable and attractive off-white finish
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