Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars
Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars
Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars
Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars
Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars
Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars


Liberty Vault Door with Flat Pin Locking Bars

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  • Door Dimensions 79”H  x  34”W
    Overall Dimensions 85 ¾”H  x  45 ¼”W
    Walk-Through Opening 77” H  x  32” W
    Threshold Height 1” Outer / 1.875” Inner
    Weight 1,245 lbs

    Please refer to the second picture when ordering your door swing and hinge location

    • 7 Gauge Steel Frame with 1/4" Laminate
    • 12 Gauge Composite Door with 1/4" Inner Steel Plate
    • High-End Gear Driven Door
    • 18 Active ½” Thick Military Style Locking Bars
    • Internal Lockout Lever Switch
    • UL Listed Mechanical Lock Standard
      • SecuRam Prologic Electronic Lock Upgrade
    • Multiple Layers of Fireboard
      • 4 Total Layers in the Door
      • 2 Layers of ½” Fireboard Sandwiched in the Composite Door
      • 2 Layers of 5/8” Fireboard added including Door Panel
    • Palusol™ Heat-Activated Door Seal
      • Expands to Seal Door Edge During a Fire to Protect Contents from Fire Damage
    • Made in the USA
    • Two Paint Finishes Available
      • Option #1: Textured Black with Chrome Hardware
      • Option #2: Gray Marble with Black Chrome Hardware
    • 5-Spoke Handle on the Outside
    • 3-Spoke Handle on the Inside
    • In-Swing or Out-Swing Options
    • Right Hand Swing or Left Hand Swing Options
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • The Liberty Vault Door will Completely Blow you Away!

    A great alternative to buying safe after safe, is to buy one giant safe room in the form of a Vault Door. With a multi-function application including storm and natural disaster shelter, as well as a beautiful and secure way to store and display your most prized possessions, Vault Doors end up being the best bang for your buck when you have the collection to warrant them.

    In terms of security, the Liberty Vault Door is made with a 12 gauge composite door with a full 1/4" inner steel plate. The entire frame is built from 7 gauge steel with a 1/4" laminate creating significant resistance to prying and drilling. What really makes this vault door top notch is the 18 1/2" thick Military style locking bars. These new locking bars have shown to have nearly double the pry resistance as the traditional locking bolts as they cover a wider surface area and are insanely difficult to bend, especially at 1/2" thick each. Liberty also includes multiple layers of fireboard in the door and a heat activated door seal to add fire protection.

    The Liberty Vault Door comes standard with a UL listed S&G mechanical lock with an optional electronic lock upgrade. After the combination is entered you can open the vault door with the beautiful 5-spoke handle finished in either chrome or black chrome.

    Once fully inside, you can close the vault door completely as Liberty added an interior release door handle that will allow exiting even if the door is closed. The interior handle is a 3-spoke handle and the internal lockout lever switch allows you to lock the door from the inside in a panic room situation.

    Theses stunning vault doors are available in textured black with chrome or gray marble with black chrome.

    The Liberty Vault Door is backed up by Liberty's No Cost, Lifetime Warranty against break-in, attempted break-in and fire and it's fully Made in the USA.