Liberty HD-300 Handgun & Pistol Safe Quick Vault
Liberty HD-300 Handgun & Pistol Safe Quick Vault
Liberty HD-300 Handgun & Pistol Safe Quick Vault
Liberty HD-300 Handgun & Pistol Safe Quick Vault


Liberty HD-300 Handgun & Pistol Safe Quick Vault

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  • External Dimensions 8.3”H x 10.1”W x 13.9”D
    Internal Dimensions 6”H x 10”W x 8.3”D
    Weight 13.9 lbs
    Burglary Rating CA DOJ Approved
    • California DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device
    • 16 Gauge Steel Construction
    • Quick and Secure Soft Touch Combo
      • 1,000+ Possible Custom Combinations
    • Tamper Alert Light Informs you of Attempted Break-In
    • Anti-Pry Technology
    • Security Cable Included
    • Back-Up Override Key Included
    • Mounting Holes for Bolting Safe Down
    • 1 Interior Shelf
    • Interior Light - to Help See Interior in the Dark
    • Auto-Open Door
    • Foam Lined Interior Floor
    • 9V Battery Included
    • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

  • With its revolutionary design, the Liberty HD-300 will change the way you think about handgun storage.

    Instead of the standard box design, Liberty has changed the game by angling the door of the HD-300 quick vault back to make it significantly easier to remove your handgun.

    Whether you are grabbing it from your nightstand or inside a drawer it is much easier to remove a pistol without reaching deep into the unit or having your handgun bang up against the top of the safe.

    The Liberty HD-300 Quick Vault Pistol Safe is built with heavy duty steel, anti-pry technology and a tamper alert light that notifies you when someone has tried to access your safe. With these features, the HD-300 Liberty pistol safe is an DOJ Approved California Firearm Safety Device.

    The easy to use electronic lock opens quick with the right combo and the auto-open door provides access to your handgun in seconds. The interior comes with one shelf.

    The Key back-up override will allow you into your HD-300 safe even if you forget the combination or if the batteries run out.

    Liberty believes in and stands behind the quality of the HD-300 quick access pistol safe by offering a 2 year replacement warranty!

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