Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity


Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity

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Ironman 6042 4200 Series Gun Safe - 44 Gun Capacity

The heavy weight is here. Weighing in at an astonishing 1050 pounds, the Ironman 6042 Gun Safe is no match for any would be attacker. It features an RSC burglar rating and a 2 hour fire rating, capable of handling all of your secure storage needs.

Solid Performance

The Ironman 6042 Gun Safe is made with solid 10 gauge steel construction in the body with a 1/4" solid steel door. This is a sustainable barrier against any burglar. Looking for even more security? Thicker steel is available upon request. The 1" solid steel locking bolts and continuous 3/4" solid steel locking bar provide more locking surface than most other gun safes on the market. To go the extra mile, Ironman has designed the safe to have a pry resistant recessed steel plate door with a heavy duty 3/4" solid steel frame. No one is getting through the Ironman.

Heat Resistance

The Ironman 6042 has a 2 hour fire rating. Without this fire rating, your guns would be toast. Steel transfers heat very easily and without any kind of fire material, the inside temperature can get just as hot as the outside in a matter of minutes. Ironman has a fire lining that is a special fire rock material around all sides of the safe. They tested the Ironman 6042 by placing it in a real house fire where the temperature hit 1533 degrees F. The internal temperature never exceeded 191 degrees F. This fire rating can make all the difference in a house fire. Everything else might be lost, but not your contents in an Ironman Gun Safe. So what are you going to store in your safe?

If you are looking for superior burglar protection, unmatched fire protection, UL listed locks, affordable prices and a variety of interior configurations, look no further than the Ironman 6042 Gun Safe. Call one of our safe professionals today with any questions about the Ironman 6042.

Door Organizer:

Each door organizer on the Ironman Gun Safes will allow you to fully customize it to fit your needs. The door organizer will allow you to attach anything with Velcro. It comes with a blank canvas. Just choose which Door Organizer Options you want at the time of order. 

Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Compact Pistol Holster
  • Double Magazine Pouch
  • XL Pistol Holster with Magazine Attachment
  • Large Magazine Pouch
  • Rifle Holder
  • Small Fire & Water Resistant Bag (6" H x 11" W)
  • Fire & Water Resistant Bag (15" H x 11" W)


  • Door: Solid 1/4" Door Plate with 3/8" Backer Plates.
  • Body Thickness: 10 Gauge.
  • Fire Rating: 2 hour firewall.
  • Temperature: 1533 degrees F.
  • Locking Bolts: (6)-1" Diameter.
  • Nickel plated locking bars: (6)-1".
  • 3/4" solid steel locking bar providing a 48" locking surface.
  • Total Coverage Powder Coating with color options.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes with hardware included.
  • Convenient removable door for upgrades and transportation.
  • Adjustable shelving.
  • Bolt Coverage: 1 Side.
  • Hinge: Continuous Solid Hinge with Side Locking Bar.
  • 44 Gun Capacity