GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports
GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports
GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports
GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports
GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports

Foresight Sports

GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports

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Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor

The GCQuad is the most accurate, dependable, and comprehensive launch monitor in the world. Each GCQuad comes with FSX 2020 and FSX Play which includes 10 world-class golf courses.

The only launch monitor on the market to use Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate and detailed image of ball and club head performance in the industry.

Whether you are using it indoors or out, the GCQuad delivers reliable and repeatable data during your entire session. It's no wonder the GCQuad is the two-time Golf Digest Editors' Choice Award Winner. All Foresight Sports sales are final.


GCQuad Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports Features:

Easier, Faster and Better Than Ever
  • Unmatched ball and club performance data in a single compact unit
  • Easy to Carry - Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Even greater indoor / outdoor readiness with a ruggedized, weather-resistant build
  • No more flash replacement - Uses an integrated solid-state NIR LED

GCQuad Launch Monitor


GCQuad Upgrades

Impressive Upgrades

  • Easy to read outdoor-viewable display
  • Larger ball capture area - 6x larger than the GC2
  • Connect to more devices – including WiFi and Ethernet
  • The most precise down-range values possible with built-in barometric altitude sensor
  • Play longer with a swappable, long-life Lithium-Ion battery

Unmatched Accuracy and Control

  • World Class accuracy with four high-resolution, high-speed optical sensors working together to deliver unrivaled quadroscopic image clarity
  • Even more precise than GC2 with patented Spherical CorrelationTM analytics
  • More golf and less adjusting with quick and accurate target alignment technology


GCQuad Industrial Precision


Industrial-Strength Precision

  • Greater image stability and long-term durability from the shock-mounted, die-cast aluminum frame
  • Get all-weather confidence with heavy-duty seam gaskets and sealants protect your monitor indoor or out


GCQuad Optional Add-On Features

QClub Analysis 

See a full analysis of your golf swing and club head performance with QClub Analysis. Get critical data like club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, lie and impact location with the same unrivaled accuracy you get with the GCQuad.

QClub Analysis uses a proven, camera-based approach to performance club analysis. Easily applied position indicators are placed on the club head and ensure all club head data is captured accurately. Track every club in your bag, and practice with confidence.

 GCQuad Club Screen

GCQuad Putting Analysis

Essential Putting Analysis

Get unparalleled data on your short game. No other launch monitor on the market gets even close to giving you as much critical putting data as what you get with the GCQuad's Essential Putting Analysis.

See post-impact ball launch and skid measurements. Get precisely calculated roll distances and finally, experience the new standard of putting performance — the way putting on a simulator should be.

Information About Your Purchase:

  • The GCQuad Launch Monitor comes with a 2 Year Warranty
  • This is the Lowest Price Guaranteed on the GCQuad Launch Monitor
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