FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor
FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor
FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor


FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

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FlightScope Mevo - An Extremely Affordable Golf Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo is a highly affordable golf ball tracker and golf launch monitor that provides realistic data that helps golfers improve their game. Utilizing 3D Doppler radar technology, Mevo provides eight data parameters, including Carry Distance, Spin Rate, Clubhead Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Apex Height, and Flight time. Golfers can use it to improve distance control, club gapping, and swing mechanics. The Mevo conveniently fits in a pocket and can be used for indoor golf or outdoors on a driving range or hitting balls into a net.

This FlightScope launch monitor is an outdoor or ideal indoor golf shot tracker. Watch the video below to learn more. 




FlightScope Mevo Golf Launch Monitor FS App

FS Golf for IOS and Android

The FlightScope Mevo connects to your iOS and Android phone, tablet, or watch using the FS Golf App. It allows golfers to practice with radar data, video reviewing/editing, 3D trajectories, and more. FS Golf includes Data Margins/Instant Feedback, Data and Video Combined, Customizable Trajectory, Real-Time Performance Data, and Session Types.
Data and Video Combined - You can automatically record, clip, store, and share videos of every swing without interruption for easy review on your chosen mobile device.
Data Margins/Instant Feedback - You can set minimum and maximum values for any data parameter so you can practice and train smarter and improve your game
Real-time Performance Data - Measures 8 data parameters that are available immediately, including an option for text-to-speech.
Customizable Trajectory View - Customize your trajectory display and the preferred performance data blocks.
Session Types - Full Swing, Swing Training, Chipping, Putting, and Review session types help golfers fine-tune their golf swing.