AMSEC PS1208EZ Easy-Carry Handgun Safe
AMSEC PS1208EZ Easy-Carry Handgun Safe - Door Open

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AMSEC PS1208EZ Easy-Carry Handgun Safe

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AMSEC PS1208EZ Easy-Carry Handgun Safe

The AMSEC PS1208EZ Handgun Safe Provides Handgun Security in a Small Package

Handgun security is an important concept for owners. However, not every handgun owner needs a giant vault to accomplish their security needs. The AMSEC PS1208EZ Handgun Safe provides the lock-and-key peace of mind of any security solution, without the need to haul a multi-thousand-pound behemoth vault into your living space. This smaller safe will provide a place to store a handgun, much like any larger vault. At the cost of storage space, it makes up for in weight. At 11 pounds compared to the thousands of pounds some safes can be, it's a lot more portable than many alternatives. It also comes with the look of a sophisticated storage device for your handgun, with a charcoal grey textured finish and chrome components.

The Same Materials Comprise a More Compact Space

You'll find that the AMSEC PS1208HZ portable handgun safe has a bit more in common with the larger vaults than one would first think. Namely, this small safe is crafted of the same steel of some of its much larger cousins. The body and door of the safe is constructed of solid 14-gauge steel. The handle is made of heavy-duty chrome, so there's no need to worry about a flimsy handle breaking off when you need to conveniently transport the safe. The interior is just as sophisticated, with a high-density foam-lined interior. Your gun will be treated with the respect it deserves and will be free of any scratches or over-time damage.

As Secure As Any Vault

Just because the AMSEC safe is smaller than a vault does not mean it's less secure. It boasts a pry-resistant chrome locking bolt and dead bars on the door, ensuring any would-be thief with a crowbar is going to need more than that to gain access to your handgun. The hinge is concealed and welded, protecting it from anyone who perceives it as a weak point. The locking device is a Simplex push-button lock, simple and reliable. The device itself is housed in steel, protecting it from being clobbered by any brutish would-be burglars. If you're worried your AMSEC safe may be stolen, there are holes that allow you to secure it in position.

This portable and stylish case is packaged for UPS and FedEx delivery, ensuring no hassles in ordering.

If you have any questions regarding the AMSEC PS1208HZ Easy Carry Handgun Safe, please give us a call today at (800-984-5719).


  • High strength 14 gauge solid steel body
  • Body and door constructed of 14-gauge solid steel plate
  • Strong pry-resistant locking bolt and dead bars on the door
  • Welded and concealed continuous hinge
  • Reliable fast access Simplex push-button mechanical locking device
  • Locking mechanism protected by steel housing impervious to punch attacks
  • Charcoal gray textured finish with chrome hardware
  • Heavy-duty chrome carrying handle
  • Protective high-density pluck foam-lined interior
  • Four pre-drilled bolt down holes
  • Packaged for UPS/Fedex shipments


  • Outside Dimensions: 4.00" H x 12.25" W x 8.125" D
  • Weight: 11 Pounds