AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model
AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model

American Security

AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model

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AMSEC BFII6024 American Security BFII Gun Safe

If you're a gun owner looking for ultimate protection without breaking the bank, look no further than the Made in USA Gun Safe from American Security Products (AMSEC USA). Originally catering to the high-end commercial market, AMSEC has revolutionized the gun safe industry with their BF series, using commercial-grade security features in everyday gun safes. But they didn't stop there - the new BFII6024 Gun Safe has successfully passed the all-new, rigorous UL listed RSC Level II burglary test, ensuring your precious firearms stay secure from even the most determined intruders. Protect your investment with confidence and peace of mind.

The AMSEC BFII6024 gun safe is a true gem in the firearms industry, known for its unparalleled level of safety and security. Featuring a 1/2" steel plate door, two layers of steel, and a total wall thickness of 2" filled with DryLight insulation, this safe aims at making sure your firearm collection is protected from fire and other threats. But that's not all, as AMSEC has made significant upgrades to this piece of art, including a strengthened inner steel liner, the addition of high-security boltwork, and an active hard plate to make it virtually impossible to break into. In fact, it passed the UL RSC Level II Burglary Test, which essentially translates to the same tools used on TL rated safes but for a time of 10 minutes- that's impressive! So if you're looking for the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to keeping your firearms safe, the AMSEC BFII6024 gun safe is the one to go for.

Introducing the AMSEC BFII6024, a true masterpiece of design and engineering. What sets this safe apart from the rest is the advanced poured concrete insulation material known as DryLight, which completely eliminates the need for gypsum board. This seamless barrier provides unparalleled ETL verified fire protection of 120 minutes at 1200°, ensuring that your valuables remain safe in even the most extreme circumstances.

But the AMSEC BFII6024 doesn’t stop at fire protection - its two stage dual fire seals, complete with silicone seal on the door jamb and a Palusol seal on the door, keep out even the thickest smoke. With proven interior temperatures of less than 350°, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected to the fullest.

And let’s not forget about style - the sleek U.L. Rated Electronic Lock, paired with a decorative five-spoke handle and hinge caps, add a touch of elegance to this powerhouse of a safe. Keep your valuables secure and protected with the AMSEC BFII6024 - the ultimate in safe storage.

Unlocking the AMSEC BFII6024 is like a scene out of a spy movie - once you enter the correct combination, the door swings open a full 180°, revealing its ultra smooth cam driven locking mechanism. But that's not all - the handle disengages under severe attack, ensuring your valuables are always safe.

Step inside and prepare to be impressed - the mirrored back wall gives you a full view of the interior, which features an "All-in-One" design with 4 side shelves and 2 cover plates for storage on every surface. And if that's not enough, the premium door organizer takes organization to the next level, with quick access to passports, handguns and other valuable items.

The AMSEC BFII6024 is the ultimate combination of style and security, adding a touch of elegance to your space while keeping your most valuable possessions protected.

Safeguard your valuables with the AMSEC BFII6024, now even easier to secure with its 4 pre-cut anchor holes. And with American Security's phenomenal "No Cost" Lifetime Warranty ensuring protection against theft and fire, you can breathe easy. For added peace of mind, AMSEC has enhanced their parts and labor warranty to an impressive 5 years, complete with a UL lock installation (paint not included). Invest in the ultimate fortification for your possessions with AMSEC.


  • UL listed Residential Security Container Level II (RSC II)
  • 1/2” Steel Plate Door
  • 2" Total Wall Thickness on All Sides
  • U.L. Rated Mechanical Dial Lock
  • Electronic Lock Option Upgrades Available
  • Fire Rated 120 Minutes at 1200°
  • Palusol Fire Seal
  • Advanced Concrete Insulation Material
  • 10 Massive 1 ½” Thick Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • 5/16” Inner Steel Liner
  • 4 Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Mirrored back Wall
  • Premium Door Panel Organizer
  • Power Outlet
  • 36” LED Light Kit
  • Multiple Exterior Paint Color Options
  • Decorative Pin Hinges with Finial Caps
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Excluding Paint
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Theft & Fire


External Dimensions 59 ¼"H x 24"W x 21"D
(Add 3" to Depth for Handle)
Ext. Cubic Ft 17.21 Cu Ft
Internal Dimensions 52 ¾"H x 20"W x 14"D
Int. Cubic Ft 8.57 Cu Ft
Weight 1067 lbs
Gun Capacity 17 Total Guns
Fire Rating 120 Minutes at 1200°
Burglary Rating UL RSC Burglary Rating
(Exceeds CA DOJ Requirements)