Best Handgun Safes 2022: Expert Recommendations and Guide

Handgun safes are an essential part of responsible gun ownership, ensuring that firearms are stored securely and safely, away from unauthorized users and potential accidents. The market for handgun safes is diverse, spanning a wide range of features, sizes, and price points, catering to various needs and preferences of gun owners. In 2022, the best handgun safes combine advanced security measures, such as biometric access, with durable and reliable designs that resist prying, tampering, and break-ins.

As you explore different options for handgun safes, you may also encounter some unique and innovative solutions tailored to specific situations, such as closet safes, under-the-desk safes, and affordable options for those on a budget. You can find a great variety of handgun safes available on websites like A Home Selection to help you make an informed decision. Before choosing a handgun safe, it is crucial to consider factors like ease of access, fire rating, size, and overall reliability to ensure that your firearms are stored with optimal security and peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Handgun safes are essential for secure and responsible firearm storage and come in a range of types and sizes.
  • The best handgun safes feature advanced security measures like biometric access while being durable and reliable.
  • Online resources and comparisons can help you find the right safe to suit your needs and budget.

Key Features to Look for in Best Handgun Safes

Security Features

When selecting a handgun safe, it is crucial to consider the security features it offers. A quality safe should have a strong, durable construction that can withstand forced entry attempts. Look for safes with heavy-duty steel walls and reinforced doors, as well as tamper-proof locking mechanisms. Additionally, some safes offer protection against drilling and cutting. An essential security feature to look for is an electronic lock or biometric lock, which provides additional layers of security compared to traditional key locks.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is another important factor when choosing a handgun safe. Safes with fireproof materials and insulation can help protect your firearms in the event of a fire. Opt for safes that have been tested and rated for fire resistance, as this will provide peace of mind knowing your valuable firearms will remain safe during a fire emergency.


Selecting a safe with the right capacity for your needs is essential. Evaluate your firearm collection and determine if you need a compact safe for a single handgun or a larger safe to store multiple firearms. Keep in mind that your collection may continue to grow, so it's wise to consider a safe that can accommodate this.

Access Mechanisms

Quick access to your firearms is vital in emergency situations. Safes with electronic locks, biometric fingerprint scanners, and keypad entry systems are popular choices as they offer quick and secure access. Additionally, some safes feature silent access modes, ensuring you can retrieve your firearm discreetly when necessary. It is essential to find a balance between security and ease of access when choosing the right access mechanism.

Additional Features

Aside from the main features mentioned above, some handgun safes offer extra benefits that can enhance their functionality. For example, safes with adjustable shelves and compartments can help keep firearms and accessories organized. Others may include integrated LED lighting or a silent alarm system to notify you of unauthorized access attempts. AHomeSelection offers a wide range of handgun safes with these additional features and more.

By considering these key features, you can confidently choose the best handgun safe that meets your security, capacity, and accessibility requirements, ensuring the safety and protection of your firearms collection.

Comparative Analysis of Handgun Safes

Vaultek vs Barska

Vaultek is known for its innovative and high-quality handgun safes, like the Vaultek VT Full Size Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe. This safe offers advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to control safe functions via a smartphone app. Vaultek safes are constructed with strong materials, ensuring durability and security.

On the other hand, Barska has a solid reputation in the industry with its line of biometric safes, like the Barska Biometric Safe. It is equipped with fingerprint recognition technology for quick access to the contents of the safe. Barska safes prioritize easy access without compromising security.


  • Advanced features (e.g., Bluetooth connectivity)
  • Durable and secure


  • Quick biometric access
  • Focus on easy access and security

SentrySafe vs RPNB

SentrySafe QAP1BE is a popular handgun safe that boasts a slim design, allowing it to fit in tight spaces. Its biometric lock offers quick access, while the pry-resistant door enhances the safe's security. Additional access methods such as an electronic keypad and manual key provide multiple layers of redundancy.

RPNB offers a range of affordable and reliable gun safes such as the RPNB RP19001 Biometric Pistol Safe. Like the SentrySafe QAP1BE, it also features biometric access and additional access options. RPNB safes are known for their affordability while still maintaining a high level of security.


  • Slim design
  • Multiple access methods
  • Pry-resistant door


  • Affordable
  • Biometric access
  • Additional access options

Small Safes vs Large Safes

When considering handgun safes, it is essential to weigh the benefits of small safes versus large safes. Small safes, like Vaultek and RPNB models, are designed for quick access, easy storage, and increased portability. They are ideal for homeowners who only need to secure one or two handguns and may have limited storage space.

Large safes, such as the SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe, offer increased storage capacity for multiple firearms, ammunition, and accessories. They often provide enhanced security features, including fireproof and waterproof protection. However, they may require more space and installation efforts.

Small Safes:

  • Quick access
  • Easy storage
  • Increased portability

Large Safes:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Fireproof and waterproof protection

Different Types of Handgun Safes

Portable Handgun Safes

Portable handgun safes are ideal for those who need to transport their firearms securely. These safes are usually designed for a single handgun or a couple of smaller pistols. Portable safes are typically made of durable materials like steel, and many have biometric or combination locks for added security. Portability doesn't compromise safety, and using these safes ensures that only authorized individuals can access the firearm. These safes are perfect for travelers or those who frequently move their firearm between locations. For more information about portable safes, take a look at their selection at

Long Gun Safes

While this article focuses on handgun safes, it's worth mentioning long gun safes. These safes are designed to accommodate larger firearms like rifles and shotguns. Long gun safes typically have more storage space and feature adjustable shelves or racks for easy organization. Many long gun safes also boast fireproof and waterproof features for added protection. Regardless of the type of firearm you own, there is a safe designed to meet your storage needs.

Mountable Handgun Safes

Mountable handgun safes offer the convenient option of securely attaching the safe to a wall, floor, or other stable surfaces. This type of safe is perfect for those who want to ensure their firearm is both safe and readily accessible. Mountable safes often come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware for easy installation. They can be outfitted with biometric locks, key locks, or electronic combination locks. Mountable safes provide an added layer of security by preventing easy removal or unauthorized access.

Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes disguise themselves as everyday objects, such as bookshelves, picture frames, or even furniture. The main purpose of a hidden gun safe is to provide a discreet storage solution while maintaining quick access to firearms. Hidden safes can be either mounted or free-standing, depending on the design. These safes may use various types of locks, including biometric, combination, or key-based systems. Hidden gun safes provide an extra level of security by concealing the presence of firearms within plain sight.

In conclusion, several types of handgun safes cater to a variety of needs and preferences. From portable options for those on the go to secure, mountable solutions for home defense, there is a handgun safe for everyone.

Importance of Biometric Features

Biometric features are becoming increasingly important in handgun safes due to their enhanced security and quick access capabilities. A biometric gun safe incorporates a fingerprint scanner, which allows only authorized users to access the contents of the safe. This ensures that your firearm is secure, while still remaining easily accessible in emergency situations.

Fingerprint recognition is a key element in biometric locks, as fingerprints are unique to each individual. A biometric scanner reads the fingerprint patterns and grants access only to authorized users whose fingerprints have been pre-registered in the system. As a result, this prevents unauthorized access and ensures that only the owner or other trusted individuals can access the firearm.

Another advantage of biometric locks is their speed and efficiency. Traditional locking mechanisms, such as keys or combination dials, can be time-consuming and cumbersome to use in high-pressure situations. Biometric scanners, on the other hand, provide instant access to the contents of the safe by simply placing a registered finger on the scanner. This can be essential in situations where quick access to a firearm is crucial.

Additionally, biometric features help to improve the overall safety and security of firearm storage. Traditional safes can be compromised if keys are lost or stolen, or if someone manages to crack the combination lock. Biometric safes eliminate these concerns, as fingerprints cannot be replicated or stolen, providing an extra layer of security for firearm owners.

In summary, biometric gun safes offer enhanced security, quick access, and peace of mind for firearm owners. The incorporation of fingerprint scanners in biometric locks ensures that firearms remain secure and accessible only to authorized users. This technology provides a modern and efficient solution for responsible gun storage, making it a valuable addition to any firearm owner's safety measures.

Handgun Safe for Responsible Gun Owners

Responsible gun owners understand the importance of securely storing their firearms, especially when there are kids or children in the household. A handgun safe is an essential tool for ensuring that firearms are kept out of reach and secure, while still remaining accessible for home defense purposes.

One popular option available in the market is the Vaultek VT Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe. This handgun safe offers state-of-the-art technology, providing ease of use without compromising security. With integrated Bluetooth technology, gun owners can have peace of mind knowing they can access their firearms quickly during an emergency or routine access.

Another reliable handgun safe to consider is the Fort Knox Original Pistol Safe. Featuring a solid steel construction and tamper-proof locking mechanism, this safe guarantees durability and security. Its biometric fingerprint scanner offers added convenience for responsible gun owners who want to ensure quick access to their firearms in times of need.

When selecting a handgun safe, take into account the location where it will be placed. Commonly, gun owners opt for mounting their safes in hidden or discreet locations, such as inside closets, under beds, or behind furniture. This ensures that children cannot accidentally stumble upon the safe while still maintaining easy access for the gun owner.

In addition to securely storing firearms, investing in a high-quality handgun safe can help protect other valuables such as important documents, cash, or jewelry. Many handgun safes feature additional compartments or sections designed for storing these items safely alongside the firearms.

By taking the necessary precautions and investing in a reliable handgun safe, gun owners can ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities to protect their families and households. Don't hesitate to explore this site for purchasing options and recommendations on the best handgun safes available in 2022. Remember, proper storage is key to being a responsible gun owner and protecting the ones you love.

Affordable Options for Handgun Safes

In the quest for securing your handguns without breaking the bank, there are several affordable handgun safes available in the market. Keeping both reliability and budget in mind, we present to you a few standout options in the affordable handgun safe category.

The GunVault NV300 NanoVault is a popular choice for those looking for an inexpensive yet sturdy safe. Priced at just $39 at Amazon, it can fit a full-size Glock 17 and two magazines. The built-in holes make it easy to attach a securing cable for added security.

Another reliable and budget-friendly option is the GunVault SpeedVault SV500. Available for $199 at Amazon, this under-the-desk pistol safe doesn't require RFID keys or biometrics for access, just a simple code. However, note that it won't fit a revolver or extra magazines.

For a multi-access option, consider the SentrySafe Gun Safe with Biometric Lock. It allows users to access their safe via fingerprint, access code, or key, and can accommodate up to two smaller handguns. This safe is known for its roomy design and quick 1-second biometric access. Check the latest price at BestReviews.

Don't forget about the Vaultek LifePod when seeking value. It's the perfect size for one pistol and other valuables while also offering travel and concealed carry capabilities. The LifePod provides reliable fingerprint access along with buttons and even Bluetooth connectivity. Find the LifePod for around $289 at Vaultek Store.

Remember, these are just a few examples of affordable handgun safes available on the market. It's essential to compare and explore various options to find the best safe that fits your budget, security needs, and style preferences. For a broader selection and convenient purchasing options, consider visiting

Unique Handgun Safes on the Market

Vaultek Lifepod

The Vaultek Lifepod is an innovative and portable option for securing your handgun. Designed with discreetness in mind, the Lifepod is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy transportation. Its unique features include a quick-access keypad, biometric fingerprint lock, and a weather-resistant exterior. This safe is perfect for those looking for an on-the-go option or who prefer to utilize a non-traditional locking mechanism.

American Security End Table

The American Security End Table offers a combination of high-quality protection and style. This end table not only functions as a concealed storage unit for your firearms, but it also serves as a stylish piece of furniture that integrates seamlessly into your home. It boasts a hidden compartment with a biometric lock for secure access, making it an excellent choice for those wanting their pistol safe to blend in with their home decor.

Mid-Range Multi-Gun Safes

For gun collectors or households with multiple firearms, mid-range multi-gun safes offer a more affordable solution to secure multiple handguns or long guns. Mid-range multi-gun safes typically come with a combination of electronic and mechanical locks, providing increased accessibility and security. Some of these safes have adjustable shelves and ample storage space, while others might feature barrel rests designed to hold long guns in an upright position. Consider choosing one based on your storage requirements and ensure it aligns with your desired level of security. A good place where you can find a variety of these safes and select from is

Remember to carefully assess your storage and safety needs when deciding on the best handgun safe for your taste and lifestyle. All of the mentioned options provide unique advantages, so take your time in considering which one is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top biometric handgun safes?

Biometric handgun safes use fingerprint recognition technology to provide secure and quick access to your firearm. The Vaultek VS10i Smart Safe is a top-rated option with a biometric lock, keypad, key, nano key, and phone access. Another highly rated biometric safe is the SentrySafe QAP1BLX, which is compact and offers easy access with a fingerprint scanner.

Which pistol safes provide the best child safety features?

Child safety features in pistol safes should effectively prevent unauthorized access while enabling quick and easy access for authorized users. The Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe is a top choice for its tamper-proof locking mechanism and solid steel construction. Other options include the VAULTEK VTi Series pistol safe and the Hornady Alpha Elite Lockbox, both of which are designed with secure locking systems.

What are the best quick access gun safes for bedrooms?

Quick access gun safes designed for bedside placement are ideal for providing immediate access to your firearm when needed. The Awesafe Upgraded Size Gun Safe is highly recommended for its convenient size, biometric access, and quick response time. Other options to consider are the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe and the SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe, which combine security and easy access.

Which nightstand safes have additional features like phone chargers?

Some nightstand safes offer extra features like built-in phone chargers, making them an even more convenient addition to your bedside setup. The VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and USB ports for charging your devices. Another option with similar features is the SentrySafe QAP2 EL Series gun safe, which provides biometric access and an integrated interior LED light.

What are the top-rated mechanical handgun safes?

Mechanical handgun safes operate without battery power or electronics, ensuring reliable access to your firearm at all times. The Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe is a highly rated mechanical safe due to its robust construction and secure locking mechanism. Another option to consider is the KONIG Safe for its sturdy design and easy-to-use push-button code lock.

Are there any secure gun safes specifically designed for pistols with suppressors?

Gun safes that accommodate pistols with suppressors cater to firearm owners who want extra protection for their specialized weapons. The Hornady RAPiD Safe 2600KP is a top choice as it provides a secure and padded interior for pistols with suppressors. You may find more options suitable for your needs by visiting and browsing their selection of firearm safes.

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