Viper Billiard Master Pool Ball Set
Viper Billiard Master Pool Ball Set
Viper Billiard Master Pool Ball Set


Viper Billiard Master Pool Ball Set

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Product Description

Upgrade your billiards game with the Viper Master Pool Ball set. This full set of balls will complete your billiard table and allow you to play all of the most fun and exciting games like eight-ball, nine-ball or straight pool. This complete set comes in the traditional billiards colors including solid colored balls and striped. This regulation size set measures 2.25” in diameter and will work on most pool tables. The exacting precision to which these balls are manufactured ensures consistent size across the entire set for the same high performance from each ball. The advanced engineering process by which the billiard balls were designed allows for more perfectly elastic collisions that transfer the most amount of energy from the cue ball to the object ball for a perfect shot!

  • Complete set of regulation size billiard ball in classic colors and designs.
  • Made from high grade solid resin for high impact resistance.
  • Exacting manufacturing guidelines ensure that balls fit the same standard.
  • Precision engineering ensures perfect elastic collisions and high levels of play.
  • The regulation size of this set is 2.25” in diameter.

Product Details

Length: 2.25 in
Width: 2.25 in
Height: 2.25 in
Weight: 0.4 lbs