Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing
Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing
Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing
Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing
Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing
Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing

Rhino Safe

Rhino Ironworks Vault Door IWVD 8045 Out-Swing

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  • Dimensions 80”H x 45”W x 8 ¼”D
    Wall Opening (Minimum) 8” Deep
    Approx. Weight 1,180 lbs
    • 120 Minute Fire Rating at 1400º F
    • Dual Intumescent Expanding Fire Seals
    • 10 Gauge & 12 Gauge Steel Construction
      • 5.39” Thick Door with Full Coverage ¼” Steel Face
      • 1/4" Thick Steel Outer Door Frame
    • 17 Large 1 ¼” Thick Two-Way Steel Locking Bolts
    • UL Listed Group II Mechanical Dial Lock Included
      • Other Lock Option Upgrades Available
    • Ball Bearing Drill Plate & Spring-Loaded Relocker
      • Adds Extra Protection to Lock
    • Tempered Glass Relocker with Deadbolts
    • Anti-Tamper Clutch Handle (Patented)
    • Internal Release & Panic Room Lock-in Mechanism
    • Proudly Made in the USA
    • Right or Left Hand Swing Options Available
    • Clamshell Design Simplifies Installation
    • Designed to Fit Variety of Wall Types 8+” Thick
    • Unique Distressed Ironworks Finish
    • Industrial Metal Wheel Handle
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire

  • Part Art, Part Furniture and All Security with the Rhino Out-Swing IWVD 8045 Vault Door!

    With its distressed "steampunk" look, the Rhino IWVD 8045 Vault Door appears to be from the 1800's. Each IWVD 8045 vault door is built completely unique, and no vault door has exactly the same finish. These works of art are individually hand antiqued to accentuate the natural grain and variations in the steel. Now, Rhino has taken this look beyond just safes and created Vault Doors to safe gaurd your entire gun collection, panic room, man cave or storm shelter.

    In terms of security, the Ironworks IWVD 8045 Vault Door is made with a 12 gauge steel door and 10 gauge steel door frame. To hold the door behind the frame, Rhino used 1.25" solid steel locking bolts on all 3 non-hinge sides. All the boltwork is both anti-punch and anti-drill for added protection.

    The Ironworks IWVD 8045 Vault Door comes standard with a UL listed S&G mechanical lock with an optional electronic lock upgrade. The lock is protected by a ball bearing hard-plate, spring-loaded re-locker and glass re-locker to protect during a drill attack. After the combination is entered you can retract the bolts with the cast iron wheel handle. The handle features an anti-tamper clutch handle that will spin freely and not open if enough pressure is applied.

    Once fully inside, you can close the IWVD 8045 vault door completely as Rhino Safe added an interior release door mechanism and the same cast-iron wheel handle that will allow exiting even if the door is closed. This Out-Swing Vault Door comes with both right-hand and left-hand swing options to choose from.

    The Ironworks IWVD 8045 Vault Door is backed up by Rhino's Limited Lifetime Warranty against break-in, attempted break-in, fire, materials and defects in workmanship. To top things off its Made in the USA with global components.

    These jaw-dropping vault doors are only available in the Ironworks Distressed Finish.

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