Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X
Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X
Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X
Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X
Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X

Body Solid

Powerline Glute Max. | Body Solid | PGM200X

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PGM200X Powerline Glute Max


Powerline by Body-Solid is renowned for innovating compact, quality home gyms that combine form and function with versatility and value, and this time, they've come up with an innovative machine that really kicks butt! The PGM 200 Glute Master is designed to totally isolate your glute muscles to sculpt a rounded, toned posterior.

The PGM200X Glute Max provides a fantastic lower body exercise. Quality rollers, comfortable pads, and simple adjustments make this machine easy to use and comfortable for any user. 
*Please Note: Weights and adapter sleeves are optional.


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Powerline PGM200X Glute Max

Why buy?

Start with the basics. Your butt does more than fill out your jeans. Strong glutes can improve posture, ease back pain, and strengthen your stride. Getting these muscles in shape can help you stand straighter, make your back feel better, the power you uphill and upstairs, and ease the strain of heavy lifting.

Finish with the facts. The Powerline PGM200 Glute Master is specifically designed to motivate you to get your butt in gear. By engineering a movement that totally isolates your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles, you now have a quality built machine that will help you sculpt a rounded toned rear end in the comfort and privacy of your own home... and get a serious lower body exercise to boot!



The gluteals (the muscles that form the buttocks) do crucial work every day, stabilizing your body and moving you through life. Without your glutes, you wouldn't be able to walk. This muscle group can be difficult to isolate through traditional weight training or functional training exercises.

The Powerline PGM200 Glute Master was specifically designed and engineered to help you develop tighter, stronger glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps by isolating these hard-to-reach muscles. The bottom line... a sculpted, rounded, toned posterior!