Pioneer® Diamante Ultra Series 21.5 SEER Quad Zone Condenser, YN040GLFI22M4D


Pioneer® Diamante Ultra Series 21.5 SEER Quad Zone Condenser, YN040GLFI22M4D

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An all-new cutting-edge series of Multi-Zone with up to 4 zones per condenser unit, the Diamante Ultra series is Pioneer®'s latest offering that is both highly efficient and highly smart. Available with ultra-quiet high-wall mount air handlers that come Wi-Fi enabled, and dual-directional louvers to ensure air reaches to all four corners of the room. With a highly attractive matte coating, advanced design for simplified installation, and variable kit length options, these heat pump inverters bring next-level sophistication to multi-room climate control.

  • Different models of all available matching indoor units can be combined in any order to create a multi zone split system, up to a quantity of the number of available circuits.
  • Not all available circuits need to be utilized with an attached indoor unit. 66% or higher of the total capacity utilization is recommended.
  • Every indoor unit attached to a multi zone system will operate at a random, self-regulated capacity, based on the actual demand it measures from the zone it is serving (Between 30% to 100% of its rated capacity) or turn OFF as needed.
  • Outdoor unit will also self-regulate its total output capacity, based on the total demand it reads from all the simultaneously running indoor units at any given moment, up to its maximum rating capacity.
  • With multi split systems, the total demand from the outdoor unit, will seldomly exceed 75% of the total available capacity of the combined indoor unit group due to load fluctuations of each indoor unit.
  • Therefore, total attached indoor unit capacity can be selected up to 133% of the supporting outdoor unit's rated capacity.
  • Although very seldom, if the total demand from the combined group of indoor units' exceeds the rated capacity of the outdoor unit, the capacity of the each indoor unit will be annotated accordingly.
  • For high demand applications, max loading limits may need to be reduced up to 20% to avoid underperformance risks during some extreme conditions.


Product Dimensions 39 1/4"W x 15" 5/8"D x 35 1/2"H
Power Supply 208-230V, 60Hz, 1Ph
Communication Protocol Current Loop
Min-Max Load Attached 24,000-48,000 BTU/h
Cooling Rated Capacity 32,000 BTU/h
Cooling SEER (Ductless) 21.5 BTU/w
Heating Rated Capacity 35,000 BTU/h
Heating HSPF (Ductless) 10.0 BTU/w
Refrigerant Type R410a
Outdoor Ambient Range (Cool) 5°F~122°F
Outdoor Ambient Range (Heat) -4°F~86F
Suitable Area 750-1,500 Sq.F
Sound Level 63.0 dB(A)
Circuit Breaker Utilized 25A (double-pole)
Weight 166.1 lbs
Warranty 5 Years