Liberty Clearview LED Safe Light Kit Six Wands
Liberty Clearview LED Safe Light Kit Six Wands
Liberty Clearview LED Safe Light Kit Six Wands


Liberty Clearview LED Safe Light Kit Six Wands

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  • Six-light wand light kit
  • Each wand is 12 inches long
  • 18 LED lights in each wand
  • Auto on/off motion sensor means no switches
  • Dual directional snap-fit wiring connections
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • LED lights for cool operation
  • Great for closets, cabinets, safes or other dark places with access to a plug

  • Use these Liberty Clearview Safe LED lights to brighten the interior of your safe making it easier to see what you need to find.

    This kit fits safes up to 72 inches tall and allows you to put your lighting exactly where you want it. (Safe on the small side, or don't need that much light coverage? Check out Liberty's five-Wand Clearview Kit!) Don't have a plug near your safe check out the Battery box for safe lights.

    The kit consists of six 12-inch wands with bi-directional snap-fit wiring connections that let you configure the safe lights just the way you want. It comes with an 110 outlet 12v adapter to power the lights. The lights have an auto on/off motion sensor, which means no switches to flip on (or forget to turn off) when you close your safe. And the motion sensor also means that you don't have to spend an hour on your hands and knees fighting to mount a pressure switch inside the door jamb to turn the lights on and off.

    The wands are 12 inches long each and they have 18 LED lights in each wand for loads of light. Plan the position of each light wand before you permanently attach them. Make sure the wand will not be crushed by a closing door. You can attach the wand directly to the shelf track if you choose.

    This fantastic light kit comes with a motion sensor, hinge-side wand LED strip, opening-side wand LED strip and an electrical plug.