Liberty Blockade Vault Door
Liberty Blockade Vault Door


Liberty Blockade Vault Door

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  • Door Dimensions 78 ½”H x 29 ½”W
    Walk-Through Opening 78 ½” H
    Threshold Height 0.75” H
    Weight 665 lbs
    • Solid 1/4" Steel Plate Door and Frame
    • UL Rated Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock
      • Hard Plate to Protect Lock from Drill Attacks
      • Dual Re-Lockers
    • Internal Lockout Mechanism for Safe Room Lockdown
    • 6 Locking Bars
    • Palusol Heat-Activated Door Seal
    • Made in the USA
    • Available in Textured Black Finish
    • 3-Spoke Suretight Handle
    • In-Swing or Out-Swing Options
    • Right Hand Swing or Left Hand Swing Options
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • With Liberty’s Blockade vault door, it is easier than ever to protect a large collection of valuables or create a safe room.

    A great alternative to buying safe after safe, is to buy one giant safe room in the form of a Vault Door. With a multi-function application including storm and natural disaster shelter, as well as a beautiful and secure way to store and display your most prized possessions, Vault Doors end up being the best bang for your buck when you have the collection to warrant them.

    In terms of security, the Liberty Blockade Vault Door is made with a 1/4" steel plate door and frame. It's UL Rated Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock provides the same security and functionality as their high end gun safes with over 1 million possible combinations. The lock is protected from drill attacks by a thick hard plate. Also protecting the lock you have a dual re-locker that will lock the door shut in the case of a forced entry attempt.

    The Liberty Blockade vault door comes with 6 steel locking bars. Liberty’s unique locking bars are extremely strong that will provide protection against pry attacks.

    Once fully inside, you can close the vault door completely as Liberty added an interior release door handle that will allow exiting even if the door is closed. The interior handle is a 3-spoke handle and the internal lockout lever switch allows you to lock the door from the inside in a panic room situation.

    The Liberty Blockade Vault Door is available with a durable textured black finish with a 3-spoke turn handle.

    The Liberty Blockade Vault Door is backed up by Liberty's No Cost, Lifetime Warranty against break-in, attempted break-in and fire and it's fully Made in the USA.