Liberty Ammo Can Ammunition Safe
Liberty Ammo Can Ammunition Safe
Liberty Ammo Can Ammunition Safe


Liberty Ammo Can Ammunition Safe

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  • External Dimensions 59 ½”H x 24 ¼”W x 20 ½”D
    (Add 2” to D for Handle)
    Ext. Cubic Feet 16.7 Cu Ft
    Internal Dimensions 57”H x 22 ¼”W x 13 ½”D
    Int. Cubic Feet 11.7 Cu Ft
    Weight 270 lbs
    • 2-Piece Steel Body
    • 1” Thick Steel Door
    • Cylinder Key Locking Door
      • Two Keys Included for Quick Mechanical Access
    • Two Military Steel Locking Bars
    • Four Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes
    • Made in USA
    • 3 Shelves for Easy Storage
      • Each Shelf can Hold 125 lbs
    • External Hinges Allow for 180 Degree Door Opening
    • Carpet Lined Interior
    • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN Safe!

    Ammunition manufacturers highly recommend ammo be stored separate from firearms and other valuables as the consequences during a fire or break-in can be deadly. As a result, Liberty has designed the Ammo Can cabinet as the perfect solution.

    The Liberty Ammunition Cabinet comes with its 2-piece CNC body and 1" door for durability and strength. The AMMO CAN ammunition cabinet comes with a cylinder key locking door and two keys for quick access. When the key is inserted and turned, it releases both military style locking bars and the door can be opened using the key as the handle.

    The Liberty AMMO CAN Ammunition Cabinet comes with the Revolution's popular external hinges to allow a 180 degree opening for easier access to all your ammo and shelves.

    Inside, we include Three Perma-Shelves (fixed-not adjustable), each holding up to 125 pounds of ammunition! Space between each shelf is: 13.5" (High) x 22" (Wide) x 14" (Deep). As shown in the picture, shelves are capable of holding ammo cans, but not stacked (two ammo cans stacked requires 14.75" in height).

    Liberty's Ammo Can is MADE IN THE USA and comes with a 5 year limited warranty* against any manufacturer's defect. Most cabinets have only a 1 year warranty. The Ammunition Cabinet AMMO CAN does not include Liberty's fire or attempted break-in replacement warranty, nor does it have a fire rating or heat-expanding door seal. Liberty, however, does install 1 layer of fire board (fabric covered) to support the shelving.