Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity
Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity


Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity

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Ironman 6036 5000 Series Gun Safe - 34 Gun Capacity

Ironman Strong

If you want to give you and your family peace of mind they have been looking for, take a look at the Ironman 6036 Gun Safe. It has superior construction and technology that most other manufactures do not put into a safe. All of these things have one purpose in mind, to give you peace of mind. Gun owners should recognize the issue of gun safety and take it seriously. Gun accidents in homes are 100% preventable with a gun safe. The Ironman 6036 is the perfect solution for keeping your guns from falling into the wrong hands. This safe is also known as the Ironman 5000 Series.

Top Notch Burglar Protection

The Ironman 6036 Gun Safe features a special drill hard plate directly behind the lock which prevents any drill attempts from ordinary drills. There are multiple relocking devices that will seal the door tight if one is tripped. There are 1" square locking bolts and 3/4" steel locking bars in place to ensure the door cannot be pried or forced open. The locking bar is an extra step in security because it is one of a kind design in the safe industry. The safe also features a 10 gauge solid steel body and 1/4" solid steel door. This provides a substantial barrier between the burglar and your valuables.

Fire Protection

If you own a safe with no fire protection, you are risking more damage to your property from a fire. Steel transfers heat very well. Without any fire protection the inside will quickly reach the same temperature as the outside. On the Ironman 6036, it features a material designed to protect your guns as well as papers and valuables. Most paper documents will be damaged or destroyed at 350 degrees F. The Ironman 6036 Gun Safe uses fire rock sheeting technology to line the safes and provide full fire protection. The protection is so good, it was rated for 2 hours at 1533 degrees F. The internal temperature never reached above 191 degrees F. This is truly unmatched fire protection.

Door Organizer:

Each door organizer on the Ironman Gun Safes will allow you to fully customize it to fit your needs. The door organizer will allow you to attach anything with Velcro. It comes with a blank canvas. Just choose which Door Organizer Options you want at the time of order. 

Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Compact Pistol Holster
  • Double Magazine Pouch
  • XL Pistol Holster with Magazine Attachment
  • Large Magazine Pouch
  • Rifle Holder
  • Small Fire & Water Resistant Bag (6" H x 11" W)
  • Fire & Water Resistant Bag (15" H x 11" W)


  • Door: Solid 1/4" Door Plate with 3/8" Backer Plates.
  • Body Thickness: 10 gauge.
  • Fire Rating: 2 hour firewall.
  • Temperature: 1533 Degrees F.
  • Locking Bolts: (6)-1" Diameter.
  • Nickel plated locking bars: (6)-1".
  • Solid bar frame: 3/4".
  • Bolt Coverage: 1 Side.
  • Max Long Gun Capacity: 34.
  • Weight: 975 pounds.
  • 3/4" solid steel locking bar providing a 48" locking surface.
  • Pre-drilled mounting bolt holes with hardware included.
  • Convenient removable door for upgrades and transportation.
  • Multiple gun storage configurations.
  • Adjustable shelving.
  • Heavy-duty full span top shelves.