Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe
Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe
Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe
Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe
Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe

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Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe

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Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe

The Honeywell 2114 is great for protecting paperwork and valuables at home or even a business from a fire. It features a 1-hour fire rating, tested at outside temperatures up to 1700 degrees F. It is even water-resistant as well with the special door and cabinet design. The lock has many great features including audit trail functionality. This means you can retrieve a user history log of who got into the safe. There is a light on the lock which allows you easily see the screen in the dark. The lock does require 4 (AA) batteries which are not included. There is an override key with 2 entry keys provided to get access to the safe if something happens to the lock or you forget your combination.

The Honeywell 2114 has some security features as well. There are 2 live and 2 dead steel locking bolts to prevent pry attacks. An audible motion alarm will sound if the safe is tilted or dropped. The Honeywell 2114 is constructed of insulated double steel wall construction as well. Honeywell includes 1 interior removable shelf to easily organize your contents. 

Honeywell includes a 5-year limited warranty plus a lifetime-after-fire replacement warranty with the model 2114. If you have any questions regarding the Honeywell 2114 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe, please call us at 800-207-2259.


  • 1 Hour fire rating for up to 1700 degrees F
  • Water-resistant door and cabinet design
  • Advanced dual digital and key lock protection
  • Audible motion alarm that sounds if safe is tilted or dropped 
  • Retrievable user history log
  • 2 Live and 2 Dead Steel Locking Bolts
  • 2 Entry keys and 2 emergency override access keys included
  • 1 interior removable shelf
  • Insulated Double Steel Wall Construction
  • Protective rubber feet
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Lifetime-after-fire replacement guarantee
  • 4 (AA) Batteries required, not included


  • Outside Dimensions: 15.20" H x 19.50" W x 17.30" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.00" H x 15.60" W x 11.80" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.07
  • Weight: 121.30 Pounds