Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42
Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42


Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42

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Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-42

Give Your Beloved Firearms Over-the-Top Protection! 

Do you want to secure firearms in your place? Want something that offers protection to fire? Your valuables, documents, and firearms need a place that provides excellent security all day and all night. The way you store or secure guns, in particular, determines the safety of your family and yourself. Don't take chances. Get this Hollon Republic 2-Hour Fire-Resistant Gun Safe to keep your extensive gun collection in the safe hands. It features a reinforced steel design that is 300% thicker than other leading brands. This safe has a 2-hour rating for up to 1,400 F degrees. It is the perfect gun safe for a security business or anyone with the extensive gun collection.

Protects Against Fire and Water.

The safe measures 42” inch L x 28” inch W x 72” H inch. This safe has extra-thick doors and walls like a Sherman Tank. The interior features ample space for up to 42 firearms, with space for several long guns. It is a very safe place for storing firearms, ammo, and accessories. You can also use it to store valuables. Plus, it has an incredible 120-minute fire rating to keep everything secure in case the worst happens. This safe is also resistant to torches too!

Stay Away from Cheap Safes. 

There is no good reason to purchase a discount safe. There are many safes out there sold at low prices and questionable quality. Most of these safes are made of light and thin metal that can be easily punctured or pried or have deadbolts that are too few or brittle. Almost all of them have locks that can be easily picked or swiped to open. 

Choose Safety and Protection.

No matter the size, having a decent safe is often a cost-effective way of securing your valuables. Now you know you have something to protect your important papers, valuable jewelry collection, and even priceless family heirlooms from theft, robbery, or even a fire. Firearms are best kept away from children and outsiders if it is kept hidden inside a steel safe and electronic key. A lot of things are safer when you have a safe sitting in the house!

We Root for Your Success!

The Hollon Safe Company was started by locksmiths for locksmiths. Founded in 2008 by owners who have more than a decade of experience in the safe and lock industry, Hollon has been America’s fastest-growing manufacturer of superior safes. We are a family business, and our safes are top-of-the-line when it comes to strength and durability in construction. We conduct extensive product testing and rigid inspections before the Hollon name goes on any of our safes. You don’t pay for a “name” unlike in other brands. We’re incredibly proud of our name – but we don’t charge extra for it.
  • One-of-a-kind safe featuring solid body crafted from 10-gauge steel, which is a lot thicker than most safes out there. It can house up to 42 long guns. It is a perfect safe for anyone with a sizable gun collection or as an arsenal for security or armed service facility. 
  • Features a 1,400 F-degree, UL RSC-rated 2-hour fire protection rating to provide additional protection for your guns and valuables. The body and the door of the safe are extra thick, with a grooved seal for protection against fire and torches. The safe is also protected from water, so your valuables will be safe from firemen’s hose or sprinklers.
  • Ultra-plush, fully adjustable interior racking that ensures everything is protected from scratches. There is a pistol pocket organizer. The shelves are adjustable and removable so you can give additional space for long guns.
  • You can also use the safe to secure other valuables. Use it to store ammunition, gun accessories, cash, stock certificates, deeds, land titles, and heirlooms. They are now safe and protected from fire and water.
  • A modern safe with an electronic lock. The lock is protected by a drill/ballistic resistant armored ball-bearing hard plate, and an active spring loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks.
  • Burglary-resistant design. The entire door is protected by a ¼ inch thick steel plate that prevents prying and drilling. 
  • The door has active locking bolts on all four sides, with a total of 14 bolts. Each bolt measures 1 ½ inch in length, offering maximum protection from prying. 
  • The interior has one full-length adjustable shelf reinforced with steel beams for extra-heavy items. There are also three smaller shelves for smaller items. 
  • This safe has an LED motion light kit installed, plus an electric outlet for accessories. See the interior the moment you open the door.
  • This gun safe is a California DOJ-approved firearm safety device that exceeds the requirements of Penal Code section 23655. 

Protected from Fire, Water, and Torches.

The Hollon Republic 2-Hour Fire-Resistant Gun Safe RG42 is the perfect protection for homeowners and businesses that want to secure their firearms and valuables from burglary and fire. It features a spacious interior for up to 42 guns, so you can use it to store shotguns, sporting rifles, antique rifles, hunting guns, and handguns. 

Also, you can use it to secure ammunition and gun accessories, and even use it to store jewelry and other valuables. The interior has a removable shelf for small or bulky items like jewelry or heirlooms. The safe can easily store several handguns, gun accessories and ammunition, to keep them safe and away from everyone’s reach. There is a door organizer for handguns and pistols. The safe weighs a hefty 1,250 lbs. (566.99 kilos), and comes pre-drilled with holes so you can install it for maximum protection. 

Perfect Dimensions

The Hollon Republic 2-Hour Fire-Resistant Gun Safe RG42 measures 42" inch L x 28" inch W x 72" inch H and weighs 1250 lbs. The interior has a capacity of 32.5 cubic feet and measures 37.25" inch L x 19" inch W x 68.75" inch H.

Premium Water and Fire-Resistant Construction.

Keep your valuables safe. This Hollon safe features a UL RSC rated 2-hour fire resistance for up to 1,400 degrees F. Now you have a sort of insurance against fire and the dreaded burglar’s torch. The safe also has water protection, so the contents are protected against water from sprinklers and firemen’s hoses. Use it to protect your jewelry and other valuables.

Durable Construction.

The Hollon Republic 2-Hour Fire-Resistant Gun Safe RG42 is made for durability. The body and the door of the safe are noticeably thick, so you know this safe is incredibly durable. There is a ¼ inch thick steel plate covering the entire door, plus an armored plating reinforcing the lock, that ensures protection from drilling and punching tools. The door features grooved, intumescent seal that gives it an incredible 2-hour fire resistance. The seal expands several times when exposed to heat, sealing the safe and keeping the contents secure.

The door of the safe features thick 1 ½ inch long active steel bolts that covers all the four sides of the door for protection against prying. Give security and safety to your valuables, so purchase this Hollon Republic 2-Hour Fire Resistant Gun Safe RG42 now!


  • 120 Minute Fire Rating
  • UL RSC Rated
  • 39 gun capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions: 72″H x 42″W x 28″D
  • Interior Dimensions: 68 3/4″H  X 37 1/4″W x 19″D
  • Weight: 1250 lbs
  • Interior Capacity: 32.5 cubic feet
  • Gun Capacity: 42
  • Electric Outlet
  • LED Motion Light Kit
  • Active bolts on all sides
  • Pistol Pocket Organizer
  • 1 ½” bolts
  • Drill/Ballistic resistant armored ball bearing hard plate to protect lock
  • Active spring loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks
  • Choice of Black or Chrome Trim Package
  • Removable gun racking
  • 4 pre-drilled bolt down holes