Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light
Candlelight Portable Light

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Candlelight Portable Light

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Designer: Philip Bro Ludvigsen

Portable, cordless and rechargeable, Candlelight is a flickering LED lantern with a removable hand-blown glass dome. Available in light oak or black oak with a black cork base. When fully charged the light will last 150 hours. Real wax creates a natural candle texture and the realistic flicker brings "Hygge" from room to room. 

Description: Real candle wax, realistic LED flickering flame, Small removable hand-blown glass dome, Brass On/OFF switch, Discreet access for USB charging.

Production Process: Hand-blown glass shade.

Materials: LK-380LO: light oak, wax, glass, brass; LK-380BO: black oak, black cork, wax, glass, brass.

Product Dimensions: Ø: 4.7” / H: 10.6”

Light source: Fixed 2W LED (included)

Color temperature: 1900-2100K

Luminous flux: 3lm

Energy label: A+ - E

Battery: Operating time when fully charged ≈ 150 hours. Charging time 4 hours

Charging Cord: Micro USB 

Dimmability: Not dimmable

Environment: Candlelight is not an outdoor lamp, but it can be used outside on dry warm days. Keep away from direct sunlight and high heat to protect the real candle wax in the base. Never leave the Candlelight outside overnight, in the rain or frost.

Care Instructions: The lamp is kept clean by wiping with a damp cloth and then dried with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or other harsh cleaners on the lamp parts. The handle is made of oak veneer which has either a clear lacquer or a black lacquer. The base is made of oak for the wooden version and in black lacquered cork for the black version. The glass is loosely attached and can be easily removed for further cleaning. Pay special attention to the fact that moisture does not get into the light itself, as the electronics can be damaged.

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