Barska AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Keypad Safe
Barska AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Keypad Safe
Barska AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Keypad Safe


Barska AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Keypad Safe

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Barska AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Keypad Safe

Product Features

  • Barska® AX12840 Biosecure Biometric Electronic Keypad Steel Safe
  • Safely holds valuables like jewelry, electronics, money, documents, and firearms
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner and numeric digital keypad unlocking options
  • Safe's memory registers up to 30 fingerprints and 1 pin code
  • 2 solid steel locking bolts secure the door in place
  • Sound customization feature for eliminating default sound alerts
  • Internal protective floor mat stops items from being damaged
  • Emergency backup keys provided
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Predrilled mounting holes and hardware for quick installation
  • Made of steel with a smooth black finish
  • Outer Dimensions: 16” x 15.5” x 9”
  • Inner Dimensions: 13” x 14.5” x 8.5”
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Note: NOT fireproof

The AX12840 personal safe from Barska utilizes cutting edge Biosecure technology to store and hide small valuables, documents, money, firearms, and more from unwanted visitors. Utilizing two solid steel motorized deadbolts, this safe securely locks, but can open easily using the fingerprint sensor or the digital keypad to unlock it. Its internal memory will save and recognize up to 30 unique fingerprints and 1 pin code of your making. Plus, you can also unlock the safe in an emergency, such as power failure, with the two emergency backup keys provided. The four included AA batteries provide all the power you need to operate the safe's electronics. There is also a silent access function that will mute the default beep notification. This allows you to open your safe quietly without anyone knowing you are doing so. On top of that, the solid steel safe has a smooth black finish on its exterior and a soft protective mat in its interior to protect belongings from scratches. It also comes with mounting hardware for quick and easy installation.

What's Included

  • Two (2) backup keys
  • Four (4) AA batteries
  • Protective floor mat
  • Mounting hardware