AMSEC BWB4020FL American Security Front Load Drop Safe
AMSEC BWB4020FL American Security Front Load Drop Safe

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AMSEC BWB4020FL American Security Front Load Drop Safe

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AMSEC BWB4020FL American Security Front Load Drop Safe

Discover AMSEC’s wide body “B” rate cash handling depository safe, the BWB4020FL, perfect for safely dropping cash deposits and storing change. This easily accessible unit is versatile and offers complete cash management with options including top, front or rear load depository, one to three deposit slots, or a pull-out deposit drawer. This particular model features a front load depository drop with an anti-fish baffle for added security.

The BWB series is B-Rated for security with its 1/2" thick solid steel recessed door, designed to provide top-notch protection against pry attacks. The door jamb construction is made of high-tensile steel, with reinforcement on all four internal jambs to ensure protection against sledgehammer attacks. Five massive 1" solid steel chromed locking bolts secure the contents, with a bolt detent system that keeps the bolts retracted until the door is closed, automatically engaging thereafter.

A UL listed Group II Key changeable combination lock sits on the door, with the option to upgrade to an electronic lock. The lock is further protected by a large carburized hard plate for added drill attack security. In case someone is able to drill through the hard plate, there is an auxiliary spring-loaded re-locker that secures the bolts in the closed position during forceful attacks.

The interior of the safe houses a heavy 1/4" steel locker, fitted with a single-key camlock with two keys. Below this, there is a conveniently placed, recessed coin rack mounted on the door, making it easy to organize and store your money. The depository door is composed of heavy-duty 1/8" steel and protected by dual anti-fish baffles with a maximum capacity of 4" x 9" x 11.5".

Please note that AMSEC Depository safes are recommended for businesses that require non-returnable deposits (e.g., armored car companies, convenience stores, and restaurants). The top locker is not intended for overnight cash or valuables storage.


- B-Rate burglary rating
- Solid steel plate door measuring 1/2" thick
- High tensile steel body
- UL Rated mechanical dial lock
- Hard plate and re-locker protection
- 5 chrome steel locking bolts measuring 1" in diameter
- 3-way locking mechanism
- Bolt detent for automatic locking when the door is closed
- 2 interior steel shelves
- 1/4" thick steel internal locker
- Medeco® high-security camlock
- Door opening: 6"H x 12"W
- Front loading with a restricted height of 6 inches inside the locker
- Chrome L-Shape turn handle
- 1-year warranty
- Heavy-duty 1/8" steel construction with dual jagged teeth “anti-fish baffles”
- Maximum package capacity: 4" x 9" x 11.5"


- External dimensions: 49 ¾"H x 20"W x 20"D (add 2" to D for handle)
- Internal dimensions: 29"H x 19 ¾"W x 17"D
- Door opening: 34 ¼" x 16 ¼"
- Maximum drop capacity: 4"H x 11 ½"W x 9"D
- Cubic inch capacity: 9,737 cu in
- Weight: 334 lbs