24" Wide Kombucha Dual Tap Black Commercial Kegerator


24" Wide Kombucha Dual Tap Black Commercial Kegerator

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Perfect for coffee shops and small restaurants, Kegco's KOMC1B-2 Double Faucet Commercial Kombucharator has been specially designed to dispense up to two kegs at a time of kombucha, the nutritional probiotic tea packed with compounds that support your digestive and immune systems, detoxify, energize, clarify your skin, prevent disease, and elevate your mood. This kombucha keg dispenser's spacious interior is large enough to accommodate one full size keg or multiple smaller kegs, allowing you to dispense two 7.75 gallon quarter slim kegs or dispense two 5 gallon kegs while keeping two more cold and at the ready. A knockout gives you the option to store your CO2 tank outside of the cabinet, freeing up more room inside for kegs.

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  1. Blower Hose for Air-Cooled Tower

    Keep the beverage line cooled all the way up to the back of the faucet

  2. Fan-Forced Cooling

    An interior fan provides rapid cool down and ensures consistent temperatures

  3. Internal Thermometer

    Quickly and accurately monitor the internal temperature at a glance

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  1. Knockout for external CO2 Tank or Drain Hose

    This knockout allows you to mount your CO2 tank outside the cabinet or direct the drip tray runoff to an external drain

  2. Drip Tray Drain Receptacle

    Any spills from the faucet can be directed into this bottle for quick and easy cleaning

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  1. Steel Walls

    Behind these walls lies foamed in place polyurethane insulation to maintain a specific steady temperature

  2. Rubber Floor Mat

    A rubber floor mat reduces the shock of heavy kegs on the stainless steel floor

This kombucha kegerator can be easily moved thanks to its 4" locking casters, and the built-in drip tray and steel interior make clean-up fast and simple. It utilizes a 1/7 compressor to deliver powerful cooling, and cold air is fan-forced into the tower to keep your kombucha cold all the way up to the faucets.

The kombucha keg cooler comes with a complete direct draw kit and everything you need to tap two ball lock Cornelius kegs, including a two faucet tower with stainless steel faucets and fittings, two sets of ball lock keg couplers for Cornelius home brew kegs, a single gauge CO2 regulator with an air distributor, and an aluminum CO2 tank. One 5 lb. tank can pressurize up to fourteen 5 gallon kegs before needing to be refilled. The faucets are constructed of durable and sanitary stainless steel, and the ball lock keg couplers are made of food grade plastic and have been designed to resist corrosion.